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  • April 4, 2013
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The world recognized beauty product giant Sephora had an long standing, email based Beauty Insiders club that celebrated it's loyal customers birthday's with free products on their birthday notified by simple email.  Sephora needed to take this hugely popular and globally recognized program to the next level...by integrating the latest in social media technology and networks. 

Solution Lion Step Media worked closely with the Sephora team to sketch out a plan that would integrate every single online product offered in their online sephora.com store to be included in this new facebook-graph driven platform.  For thousands of products that were not integrated into the Facebook graph already, product records were programmatically fed into the Facebook for consumption.  Once all products were updated to the open graph standard, new never-before interactions with the Sephora brand and projects were made possible through the technical expertise of the Lion Step Media team including:

  • User info and birthday capture via the FB login
  • The ability for a user to see a full list of friends upcoming birthday and wish them a happy birthday directly within the app
  • Users gained visibility into all birthday insider participants upcoming birthday's and respective "liked" sephora.com products, even if the product was liked outside of the app and even if the participants were not a direct friend of the user on Facebook.  Allowing for profound clarity into the "hot" sephora.com products to the granularity of a per user basis.
  • Users saw which Sephora products were liked by their own friends, other non-friend participants of the Birthday Insider, their own sephora likes and in addition, the "hot" products across the entire sephora.com site interacted with even outside of the app by non Birthday Insider participants.
  • Automatic FB wall posts notifications to participants on their birthday eliminating the need for the legacy email process.
  • A robust CMS platform that allowed for client to customized large portions of the site without technical expertise

Results Not only did we launch a product to perfect specifications, but we went above and beyond and drove a "significant increase in revenue directly from the Birthday Sephora site" – Cathy, Director of Social Media at Sephora.

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